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Where is Titan TV Man? Skibidi Toilet Episode 65 Analysis & Theory

Hello everyone, I'm Skibidi! Get ready to flush them all. We have clogged toilets and we're going to extract some theorie

s from these clogged toilets with the help of a plunger.

This week, we're in crazy theory week, and so we might experience a day that will blow our minds, shake the ground, and change our perspective on all characters. We will touch on many topics in this video, such as where Titan TV Man is, the whole mystery of TV Woman, the infatuated cameraman, and the plunger cameraman. But first, if you want more theory videos like this, don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications; liking the video is very important to me.

Now, getting to the point, I think differently than other theory channels. There's a lot of anticipation for Titan TV Man, and Dafuq is aware of this expectation. They're calculating the return anticipation for Titan TV Man based on the same logic they used for Titan Cameraman's return after the damage he took in previous episodes. But it should not be forgotten that Titan TV Man suffered a wound that no other character in the series has ever received. In fact, it was such a wound that it was a bigger defeat than the heavy bomb that came on top of the Titans as a result of the Fake G-Man ambush in Episode 65. So, considering episode 65 as well, I currently don't think any Titan character has suffered as much damage as Titan TV Man has.

Considering all this, I think the repair process for Titan TV Man will take longer than expected. I also suspect that DaFuq, the creator of the series, is well aware of this anticipation and may intend to further strengthen and prolong it. After all, the longer you wait, the more pleasure you get, right, bro?

Considering all this, we can expect Titan TV Man not to return before Episode 70. In fact, DaFuq might exaggerate this and not even show us Titan TV Man until Episode 75. You might be upset about this long absence of Titan TV Man, but this is actually good news, because with every episode he doesn't appear in, it will be an indication that he will receive further enhancements.

We have a lot of theories and analyses to discuss in this video, and I'm excited to share them with you because we were all stunned after the huge defeat the Titans took in Episode 65. If you've watched my previous theory videos, we had predicted this would happen. How the Titans will respond after a heavy defeat is a matter of curiosity.

If we analyze the videos well, clues about what might happen in the next video are actually being shared. For example, the word "TRAP" written on the wall in Episode 64 is actually a reference to Episode 65.

This again proves that Dafuq, the secret agent in Episode 64, actually knows everything that's happening, but if Dafuq is so aware of everything, why didn't he directly help the Titans, which is another topic, but we will address all these in videos I will prepare later, so don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications. What is the role of the secret agent in all this and how will he help in the future?

We understand that Dafuq is the most powerful character in the series, as he can foresee events that will happen in the future and detect traps in advance with his intelligence, but we also understand that he is physically the strongest, as he hid inside a car in Episode 65. Titan Cameraman, who tore off his arm and showed us that he lost the war with a reverse finger sign, had survived without even a scratch from that heavy attack.

We think this defeat has really upset Dafuq.

Coming to the most important and craziest theory, I don't know if you've noticed, but although we've seen the Speakerman and Cameraman armies, we've started to see less of the regular TV men. We last saw them on the screen of Large TV Man in Episode 60, but we think the TV Man race has retreated elsewhere, as they are not with the cameras in the wars, which brings two theories to our mind.

As we saw earlier in Episode 60, we thought there might be a disagreement between the Skibidi toilet races and they might fight each other. Now, I'm very sure of the theory I'm going to say now, we can see a similar conflict on the side of the cameramen; cameramen and TV Man race can have disagreements among themselves and separate from each other, which would raise many questions, and in the coming episodes, we might see interesting events, such as the Titan Cameraman and Speakerman fighting with the uninfected Titan TV Man.

This theory is currently based on the fact that the TV Man race is not helping the cameramen.

The second theory is that we witness Professor Skibidi receiving a very significant upgrade. He now possesses the same teleportation ability found in all of the TV-man race, including Titan TV-man. This hints that Titan TV-man might have been kidnapped by the professor all this time and tortured to steal all of his powers. This theory arises from the past when Professor Skibidi's dimension was smaller and lacked the teleportation ability.

So, in the upcoming episodes, we might not see Titan TV-man at all, and even if we do, we may need to first rescue him through a rescue operation.

What do you think about these theories? Don't forget to write down your own theories in the comments. We have a lot more to discuss in the upcoming episodes, so I hope to see you here.

Sure, building upon the previous texts and combining different elements from the two, here's a fresh theory:

**The Titan TV-Man Resurgence Theory**

What if Professor Skibidi's newfound teleportation ability wasn't stolen from Titan TV-man at all? Instead, the power could be a result of a secret alliance they formed, hidden from everyone else. The disappearance of Titan TV-man might not be a kidnapping but rather a retreat to work with the professor. The reason? Both are planning something big and they need to work covertly.

Given the reduced visibility of the TV-man race in recent episodes, especially the absence of their assistance to the cameramen, maybe they're being trained or powered-up by Professor Skibidi in a remote dimension, preparing for a major event. This combined force of Professor Skibidi, Titan TV-man, and the TV-man race could be planning to launch a surprise offensive on their enemies.

The previously noticed "TRAP" sign in the 64th episode might not hint at a trap set by enemies, but a signal for allies to prepare. This could mean that in upcoming episodes, rather than being victims or the ones to be rescued, Titan TV-man and Professor Skibidi might emerge as the central orchestrators of a new plot twist, turning the tables on their adversaries.

In essence, the real story might be unfolding behind the scenes, with Professor Skibidi and Titan TV-man working together for a mutual goal. The real question then becomes: What is that goal? And how will this alliance change the course of the series?

What do you think of this new twist?

**The Reality-Breaking Nexus Theory**

the universe of Titan TV-man, Professor Skibidi, and the mysterious TV-man race. Given the recent events and anomalies, it's possible that there's a greater force at play.

What if the realm that all these characters inhabit isn't the "real" universe? Maybe it's a simulation or a pocket dimension created by a higher power. The recent teleportation abilities of Professor Skibidi might not be a mere power-up but an indication that he's becoming aware of this alternate reality. The "TRAP" sign from the 64th episode might not be a warning but a hint for the characters to wake up and realize the nature of their existence.

Consider this: The reduced appearances of the TV-man race are not because they're retreating, but because they are the "glitches" or "moderators" of this dimension. They appear and disappear based on the requirements of the storyline or simulation. Their primary goal is to ensure the balance of this pocket universe, and with Titan TV-man and Professor Skibidi becoming too powerful, they might be intervening more directly.

The real twist could be that the great battles and alliances are all pre-ordained sequences in this reality. And now, with Professor Skibidi's growing awareness, the lines between the simulated reality and the "outside" world could start to blur. This might lead to an arc where characters become self-aware and try to break out of their predestined paths, challenging the narrative and even their own creators.

In future episodes, we could witness a battle not just for power or survival, but for true freedom from a pre-scripted existence. The grand climax might see our characters, led by a fully awakened Professor Skibidi, challenging the very nature of their universe and the forces that control it.

So, could the reality they know be just the tip of the iceberg? Only time will tell. Let's keep watching and theorizing!

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